A Tasty Treat for Your Mac

The folks over at Aquafadas are running a promotion entitled, “Give Good Food to Your Mac.” It’s a very sweet deal as you get to choose from 28 different Mac OS X apps and the more you purchase the bigger the discount. If you purchase three apps, you get a 30% discount, 40% for five, 50% for seven and 70% for ten.

Here’s a little hint, pick the five apps you really want (even if they are the most expensive apps available). This will start you off with a 40% discount for the apps you want. Then pick the two cheapest apps — once this brings your discount up to 50%, the total will probably be less than it was without those two apps (unless you’ve only been choosing the cheapest apps). Finally, pick the next three cheapest apps — you should end up with ten apps for a total cost which was less than price of your original five! You’re getting the five apps you want, plus another five free and then they’ll throw in another app at check out (for me it was Postino, a feed reader — I’m not sure if they give the same bonus app away to everyone or not).

This great deal is time limited and ends on December 9th, so get on over there and scoop up some great Mac apps.

The full list of apps can be found after the jump.

  • Remote Buddy – Remote control your apps using Bluetooth hardware (iPhone, iPod Touch, Wii Remote, etc).
  • Personal Trader – Manage your stock portfolio.
  • CoverScout
    • Find iTunes art work anywhere on the web.
  • Magnet – Customize and share movies.
  • Morphage – Morph/warp images and movies.
  • iDive – Manage video and DV clips and integrate with iMovie and Final Cut Pro.
  • Expert Wine Cellar – Manage your wine collection, pairings, and preferences.
  • iStopMotion Home – Easy to use stop motion animation software.
  • Cheetah3D – 3D modeling, rendering, and animation package.
  • BannerZest – Create Flash banners easily (Flash not required).
  • VideoPier – Visualize clips from your camera that Quicktime would refuse to open.
  • PulpMotion – Presentation software.
  • CSSEdit – Easy to use CSS editor for web developers.
  • Contactizer Pro – Solution for managing, sharing and organizing your personal and business information.
  • Contactizer Express
    • Solution for managing, sharing and organizing your personal information.
  • Geophoto – Organize and browse your photos by location.
  • Merlin – Project management software.
  • RapidWeaver
    • Web design software.
  • Freeway 4 Express – Web design software.
  • Freeway 4 Pro – Web design software.
  • Money – Organize and manage your personal finances.
  • Art Text – A tool for creating textual graphics, headings, logos, icons, web banners and buttons.
  • FotoMagico Express – Slideshow creator.
  • Feeder – App for creating, editing and publishing RSS feeds.
  • Together – Keep your documents, images, movies, bookmarks and web pages in one place, preview them, and organize them.
  • Pixelmator – Image editor.
  • Tables – Spreadsheet.
  • Unity Indie – Easy to use multiplatform game development tool.