In Space No One Can Hear You Blog

My how time has flown. It’s been four months and a day since I last blogged and I need to get back to it. By now I’ve probably lost all of my subscribers and NetNewsWire doesn’t even recognize it as a dinosaur (I guess that means my blog’s turned into oil — yay for me with it nearing $100/barrel). I have several unfinished posts stuck here in WordPress and several more rattling around in my head. For those of you who are still hanging around, here are some of the topics:

  • The Advanced Ruby Studio (I attended this back in July).
  • How to distribute your Ruby app without giving away your source code.
  • Performance tuning a networking application (in C).
  • Developing for mobile phones (specifically the iPhone and Google’s Android).
  • Game programming in Ruby (with and without Rails).
  • Interviewing technical candidates.
  • Startups.
  • Book reviews.