iPhone 2.0 Firmware Is Like Getting a Whole New iPhone

After bricking my iPhone this morning by getting caught in the iTunes server onslaught, I was able to complete the upgrade successfully this evening. The upgrade breathes new life into the EDGE iPhone — when I’m on a WiFi network it’s almost equivalent to the iPhone 3G. So far I’ve downloaded twelve free apps from the App Store and paid for one (Bejeweled 2). Even though I balked at paying $9.99 for an iPhone game, my friend Dave convinced me that 1) it’s a reasonable price and 2) it’s a small price to pay for something that I’ll use nearly every day. I can already tell that care must be taken with the lure of the App Store lest I go broke.

In related news, I finally received approval from Apple for my iPhone developer cert, so now I can try out my audio application on my iPhone and potentially sell it via the App Store.