AT&T Insanity

My friend Dave is was looking to get an iPhone now that his Treo died. I already have AT&T service and I’d love to upgrade to an iPhone as well. Being an old AT&T Wireless customer from before they were purchased by Cingular and renamed (and now back to the old name) does not appear to be an asset. I’ve had the service before I was married, consequently if I’m going to upgrade my phone, consolidating my service with my wife’s through AT&T’s family plan would probably be best for us. Thus I called up AT&T to see if they could assist me. Unfortunately, my service is through the national business accounts arm of the company and the family plan is not an option there. I have no problem being switched off of the national business accounts (and forgoing my monthly discount), but their system won’t let them convert my account. I can leave AT&T and go to another service provider, taking my number with me but I cannot stay with AT&T and switch to the family plan. If I leave to go to another carrier, taking my number with me, and then go back to AT&T, I’ll still be stuck on the national business accounts side of the house. The service representative said she could set me up with a completely new account (i.e. new phone numbers) with the family plan. I explained that I’ve had my cell number for a decade now and I’m not going to change it. I’m willing to pay them more money (almost double what I pay now) and purchase one (possibly even two) expensive handsets and they cannot help me out at all. This is completely insane! AT&T really needs to get its act together and integrate its back office systems.