Startups in Northern VA

I compiled this list several months ago when I was looking for work. In the end, I decided to join an established company. I did not get a chance to interview with each of the companies in the attached spreadsheet, but I’ll write separate posts about the ones that I did get a chance to speak with. As a little bonus, here are the companies that I know of in Northern Virginia working with the Ruby programming language. Note that not all of them are startups in the traditional sense:

  • InfoEther ( This is Rich Kilmer’s current startup providing a secure and mobile digital vault on a USB drive. Tom Copeland also works at InfoEther.
  • CustomInk ( They have an innovative web app for desigining logos, etc that can then be printed on shirts, mugs, golf balls, pens, etc. They are currently hiring.
  • Bosatsu Consulting ( Brian is working on some Ruby (non-Rails) projects and was looking for someone to assist with Rails work—I don’t know if he’s found anyone yet.
  • Digital Focus ( This is a consulting company, primarily focusing on Agile development (training, team insertion, etc). They are looking for Ruby developers as the majority of their consultants are J2EE and .Net folks.
  • Revolution Health Group ( The Revolution suite of companies was founded in Washington, DC by Steve Case (of AOL fame). The team at RHG is looking to tie together several different healthcare acquisitions into a Ruby on Rails portal. They’ve been trying to hire Ruby developers for quite awhile now.

If you know of any more companies with a focus on Ruby in the DC metro area, please let me know about it via the comments. Here’s the link to the Excel spreadsheet containing the list of startups I found nearby. I know for a fact that a few of the companies listed have already been acquired. Startups in Northern VA