OSCON: Opening Keynotes

Tonight the opening keynotes for OSCON were held. After the Google/O’Reilly Open Source Awards, Larry Wall gave his annual State of the Onion in which he talked about his other ‘child’, Perl, and how she’s growing into adulthood (Perl will be 20 years old this year). After Larry, the White Camel Awards were given out.

Next up was Kathy Sierra – usually Paul Graham speaks on opening night but this year they decided to switch it up. She gave a talk entitled Cognitive Seduction which covered her usual Passionate Users content (the presentation was quite good, I can’t really do it justice here).

Finally, Damian Conway read from his latest work, The DaVinci Codebase. It was a very funny spoof on The DaVinci Code regarding the threat of Opus Arai (RIAA). The video he played at the end is linked below.