ODEO Launches!

ODEO Rabble is reporting in his blog that ODEO has launched! I’ve been eagerly anticipating ODEO since I first heard about them in the beginning of this year. Unfortunately, my invite hasn’t arrived yet so I can’t say much more about them, but thankfully Phillip Torrone has posted an excellent review with screenshots on the MAKE: Blog. Go check it out. Update 2005-6-24: Either the folks at Odeo saw my blog post, were reading my mind or finally got to me in the list of folks who registered awhile ago because I got my invite yesterday! After playing around with Odeo for a day-and-a-half now I have to say that the website experience is fantastic (go Rails!) and the ODEO Syncr for the Mac works well — though I’m slightly annoyed since my iTunes consolidates my library automatically and ODEO leaves copies in \~/Library/Application Support/Odeo/Downloads. Unfortunately (or fortunately for you), ODEO’s Podcast Creation tool doesn’t seem to be up yet. I haven’t seriously investigated any Podcast creation tools just yet, though the tool that Adam Curry uses for the DSC sounds interesting (CastBlaster I think it’s called). Anyway, getting back to ODEO, I think it’s a great tool and serves a definite need — though we’ll have to see what happens once iTunes 4.9 comes out with its PodCasting support.