On Friday, FedEx delivered my copy of Mac OS …">

Upgraded to Tiger

Apple - Mac OS X
Tiger On Friday, FedEx delivered my copy of Mac OS X Tiger (the family pack since I have a few computers to upgrade). I spent most of Saturday backing up all of our photos, music and data to DVDs. It ended up being a total 5 DVD-Rs and 1 CD-R — it’s amazing the amount of stuff you accumulate in only 18 months! On Sunday morning I installed Tiger then restored our files. So far, no issues to report of. The 15” Powerbook neither feels slower or faster than with Panther installed. Spotlight is quite nice, though now I’m waiting for the next revision (hopefully, as this guy says, we’ll see GPS enabled Powerbooks and automatic tagging of our files with location-aware meta-data). Dashboard is neat, though it seems to me to be mostly a gimic. Though I definitely appreciate the built-in dictionary/thesaurus. I’ve only briefly played with Automator, but it appears to be a powerful tool for scripting actions (and much easier to use than AppleScript). Unfortunately, I hate the look of the new version of Mail. And it appears a bit slower for some reason — I’m not entirely sure why, perhaps it’s just my perception because I hate the UI so much. But Quicktime 7 is sweet, the new H.264 codec is amazing — the quality, the smart bandwidth usage, what else can I say other than it’s great! I haven’t used the new features of iChat yet (though one reason is that I don’t have a G5 to host video conferencing even though I do have an iSight). In particular, I was looking forward to some of the new developer tools like CoreData, CoreImage and CoreVideo. Unfortunately, due to work and home improvement tasks, I’ve not yet had a chance to check them out. Overall, I think Tiger is an excellent OS upgrade and well worth the money. Apple is definitely leading the way here — I wish KDE/GNOME would ‘borrow’ some of the ideas from Apple instead of waiting for them to by synthesized through Microsoft first.